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The red ribbon is a symbol of solidarity for people living with HIV/AIDS.
The red ribbon is a symbol of solidarity for people living with HIV/AIDS.
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This site is for sharing information, experiences, frustrations, challenges, opportunities, partnerships, next steps, new ideas...on the ongoing struggles in stamping out this deadly disease - HIV/AIDS.  We are, however, cognizant of the fact that we cannot separate HIV/AIDS from other health related challenges. We must, at the same time, tackle other health issues such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), nutrition etc. to obtain desired and effective results.

The AIDS Confront community is created to be more revelatory and to bring to light and to your attention information relating to HIV/AIDS and other health issues what we have gleaned through experiences and hands-on activities.

We invite your participation and look forward to interesting and frank discussion.

 Source The Economist

ON JUNE 5th 1981 America's Centres for Disease Control published the first case reports of a new disease. Gay-related immune deficiency (GRID), as it came to be called, was a disturbing curiosity. An infection, apparently. Sexually transmitted, apparently. And not, apparently, a direct cause of death. Instead, GRID destroyed its victims' immune systems, leaving them open to other infections of the sort that a healthy person would usually shrug off.

Twenty-five years later, no one speaks of GRID. AIDS, as the disease is now known, is no respecter of sexual orientation. Nor is it just a worrying curiosity. Instead, it has a United Nations agency all to itself, and is on the receiving end of the sort of budget normally devoted to fighting small wars....

This site is a public meeting place that provides members of AIDS Confront with a shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, photo gallery, file storage and more on HIV-AIDS and other health related issues. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate!

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV attacks the immune system by destroying CD4 positive (CD4+) T cells, a type of white blood cell that is vital to fighting off infection. The destruction of these cells leaves people infected with HIV vulnerable to other infections, diseases and other complications.



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